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Review of Keyto in 79th CMEF Spring 2018
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The 79th China International Medical Equipment Fair, 

The 26th International Component Manufacturing & Design Show,

achieved a great success in April 14th at Shanghai.

Keyto paticipated the fair as convention.

We go around with value sharing. 

We strive for seaking better method and making new products,

which don't restricted by capital, techenology and staffs.

It'll make you getting benefit from our accumulated experience and achieved mutual value enhanced.

Constantly summarizing our resources and strength 

make us more confidence and much more clear about the target.

Keyto's booth

The most efficient communication is face-to-face,

we had a professiinal team came to Shanghai to serve you .

Communication is the reason why we paticipated in fair.

The fair ending successfully, looking forward to seeing you in Oct. 2018 at Shenzhen.